Grey Matter 1.1

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I updated Grey Matter, my responsive FlatPress theme to version 1.1.

What's new in 1.1

  • Responsive top menu
  • Responsive footer
  • Improved several colors in admin panel
  • Integrated share buttons in entry-footer
You can download it on GitHub:

Which Type of Forum Admin Are You?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Taking care of an online community is no small task, especially on the long run. That's why you gotta be up to the challenge as a forum admin. While some us prefer to lurk in the shadow and let their forum evolve on its own, others are going to be part of the community, just like any other member.

It's pretty easy these days to start a community and make it somewhat active. But are you going to be able to keep up with it and make it happy and active for the years to come? It's likely that after the honeymoon is over, your overall behavior and presence as an admin will change. Perhaps it already has...

Which type of forum admin are you?

Langton's Ants in Python

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Recently, I've been spending quite a bit of time programming a Langton's Ant simulator in Python. I've started with a classic ant using an RL moving scheme, then I integrated an extended mode that allows you to input your own moving scheme.

The ant show in this picture is evolving with an RLLR moving scheme. As mentioned earlier, it's currently possible to experience the simulation with any moving scheme you like. While some are very interesting such as this one, most will result in a messy patch of colors without anything of interest. On rare occasions such as this one, some order will emerge out of the chaos.

Speed can be adjusted, new ants can be added to the simulation, etc. More features are going to be available later on, such as saving and loading a simulation.

The code is available on GitHub: